Kentuckiana District

Guests at the Kentuckiana PCC event heard from Director of Small Business Engagement Mary Anderson, an enthusiastic presenter, and champion of all things postal.

pcc week 2019 group

Pictured are: BSN Rep Linda Harris, C&IC Manager (A) Angela Kidwell-West, Marketing Manager Alisa Zanetti, Mary Anderson, BMEU Manager Kerry Starks, and BSN Rep Olga Harrison.

pcc week 2019 alisaKentuckiana Marketing Manager Alisa Zanetti presents a complimentary full registration to the 2020 National Postal Forum to a lucky attendee.


PCC Workshop: "Top Ten Mail Piece Design Mistakes"

kentuckiana teamKentuckiana District Marketing Team
Members of the Kentuckiana Team stop by the BMEU to offer support for Open House as well greeting customers for the upcoming seasonal holidays!