Michael Tickles

Michael Tickles
Michael Tickles
On Demand Mail Services

2525 N Shadeland Drive C4
Indianapolis, IN 46219

Our core business is in the value added service of Commingled Automation Presort. This process involves combining mail from multiple clients, processing them through Multi Line Optical Character Readers (MLOCR) affixing a Postal Barcode to the mail and sorting to fine postal sorts to achieve discounted postage. The value to the client is a decreased overall postage expense. Additionally through providing the necessary “worksharing” steps that the post office outlines we are able to preemptively handle processes prior to submitting the mail to the United States Postal Service. This creates a more efficient mail stream and often results in decreased delivery times for the mailings submitted. The margins for ODMS fall between the discounted postage that the mail is entered for and the postage the client would have paid without our services. This results in a true WIN/WIN between our clients and us.