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Article IV: Dues, Contributions & Donations

Section 1.
The PCC may solicit from the members voluntary annual dues that should not exceed fifty dollars. These dues can help define the membership list. Per-activity contributions may also be solicited and be based on expenses projected in the PCC’s annual budgets.

These dues and contributions are used to cover the cost of activities and education for the members as a whole (such as training seminars, a newsletter, and meetings). No one should be exclude from participation in the PCC because of the inability to make donations or contributions.

The PCC is not intended to operate as a profit-making organization. The PCC is to function on a break-even basis, not create a substantial treasury for future activities. The PCC funds may be used only for activities directly related to the PCC objectives described above.

Section 2.
The Board of Directors shall be authorized to solicit occasional contributions from members to defray necessary normal expenses and assist in underwriting special programs when approved by the Board of Directors.