Article Index

Article V: Officers

Section 1.
The officers of this organization shall be a Chairperson, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and not over five (5) directors.
All of the above shall comprise the Board of Directors.
After the PresidentÂ’s term, he/she shall serve the following term as Co-Chair of the Board.

Section 2.
The Postmaster and/or his representative will attend all meetings and shall represent the United States Postal Service as Co-Chair.

Section 3.
The Chairman, if present, shall preside at all meeting of this organization. In his/her absence, the President shall preside.

Section 4.
The President shall preside over all general meetings. In his/her absence, the Vice-President shall preside.
Any other Board of Director member may preside by consent of the Board if both the Vice President and President are absent.

Section 5.
The Secretary shall maintain minutes of all meetings.

Section 6.
The Treasurer shall maintain records of all moneys received, and account for all moneys paid out for approved disbursements authorized by the Board of Directors.